Rebranding SAPD:FR Online

15 March, 2018 at 15:44 by Tosfera in Advanced Gaming
rebranding SAPD:FR Online RAGE MP MTA Community

As some of you may have noticed, SAPD:FR Online has been rapidly growing the past few months. We've decided that we have come to a point where a total rebrand is needed. What does this mean? What kind of effect will it have for you? You can stop sweating, there is nothing bad going to happen. We'll go over the subjects all at once in this post.

A new website

One of the bigger things you need while working on rebranding a community (or a company, of course) is a good fresh looking website. We've decided to take away the old website (which is still available but won't be used anymore, might be removed later on too) and start from scratch. The website you're currently on, is a v2.0 of our website. You may have noticed that the website's domain has changed as well, we hereby welcome the domain to the family!

The website has an overal new look but also a great deal of new features, you'll from now on be able to read newsposts (just like this one) and share them around if you want to. The newsposts will most likely cover up 3 main categories (for now). These categories are:

  • - Multi Theft Auto
  • - RAGE Multiplayer
  • - The community/Advanced Gaming

Another cool feature of the website is the ability to provide a screenshot you made, give it to the staff behind SAPD:FR Online and allow them to post it on the website. If the screenshot is featured, it'll also be linked and shown on the homepage. If not, it'll end up on the gallery page with tons of other images. This way we'll offer the entire community a shot on making the game better. These images will be used, if you authorized us, in further mailings, newsposts, tweets and/or facebook posts. Proper credits will be given within each of these actions to the rightful owner.

Do you fancy a new account? Rather not make an account in-game or are you thrilled to get started but you're not in-game? No problem! You can hereby create your account on the website and it'll be linked to both the games we got (MTA and RAGE MP). This'll allow users to get a faster start and have more control over their account. The accounts created will also have a new control panel attached to them, this is a work in progress and is currently unavailable.

Breaking down walls and moving on

To expand our playerbase and reach to players, we've started working on yet another version of the entire script. We'll be offering SAPD:FR Online based on the RAGE MP platform somewhere this year. A specific date has not been chosen yet, we're working as hard as we can to provide a solid and stable script to all of you. To make this a bigger success than it already is, we are looking for some beta testers which will help us in some public testing. If you're interested, make sure to send a private message to Tosfera on Discord.

The script on RAGE MP will be a clone of the MTA script, without the bugs and without the other departments. As a first release we will be releasing a basic system for the police department and move on creating new features together with the community. This way we'll create a script we all love and worship.

Social media

To increase the reach, we'll be more active on Social Media. For now you can find us on Facebook for newsposts, devblogs, updates and sneakpeaks of new updates. Sending us a message there will be sent directly to the management as well as to our public relations department. If you're interested or if you have any feedback on our services regarding the social media, make sure to send us a message.

We've also set up a YouTube channel, we'll be sharing some videos of the SAHP organisation, events and updates/devblogs to keep you all interested. These videos won't be coming online that often at the start, but we're working on getting it bigger. Give us a like on Facebook and subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up to date with the latest changes.

You can find our facebook by clicking here or by visiting the following link: If you're also interested in our YouTube page, it can be found by clicking here or by going to the link:


As you can see, some of the changes are only in the benefits of the players. Some of you may not like these updates, but so far we do and we hope you'll start liking them too. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, now is the time to start up your Discord and shoot us a message. We'll go over all of the message we receive and hope to respond to all of them.