The thrill of San Andreas Police Department - First Response

Take a look through the eyes of a police officer and experience the thrill that comes with the job. Patrol the streets, react wisely to callouts, lay out your strategy and work together to achieve a positive result. San Andreas Police Department First Response has it all. From a total of 6 different police departments to numerous different activities going on in the game.

Patrolling the streets with friends increase the amount of received experience by 25% for each user in your cruiser, remember to always keep a spot open for at least one suspect. The experience received from any other activities are increased by a total of 10% for every active user in the area (you should stay inside the area to receive the bonus) to increase the experience of huge events.

Resources, tools and interaction

While you're out on the streets, you're never alone. Every vehicle has a built in radio to speak to fellow officers in the game, used wisely this can be used in pursuits, armed robberies, dangerous situations or requests to clear the road. If you're not anywhere near a vehicle, each and every police officer has the tools to contact dispatch through their walkie talkie. If anything should happen to a police officer, dispatch will be notified right away. Every officer holds a GPS tracker in their suitable vehicles and badge, every motion and threath will be monitored with the assistance of audio, video and a gps location.

Each vehicle has been equiped with a Mobile Data Computer (MDC), bars to cover up the backseats of the vehicles, 6 cones and 2 tyre spikes. The iron bars are installed by default in every suitable vehicle while the cones and tyre spikes are hidden inside the trunk. These should be used to close down an area completely, every Non Player Character (npc) will react to these cones and wait until these are gone, this'll lead to traffic jams and requires another office to resolve the jam.Besides these tools, an officer is able to pickup several arms (including semi-automatic guns, a fire extinguisher, pepperspray, a speedgun, a nightstick, med kits, gas masks and smoke grenades) at the police station

The dispatch will always be there to answer your questions, these questions can include; identity information, citations, vehicle information, state of current call outs and requests for support from different departments (ex. A towtruck, a paramedic or even a firetruck.). Dispatch will search through the entire database and search for information which could be hard to find in your own Mobile Data Computer (MDC), this does not mean your MDC will be totally useless. If you're using your MDC to look up information about a suspect, you'll receive 1 experience each succesful action made in the system. This includes:

  • Writing a sitation;
  • Searching information from the suspect you pulled over;
  • Writing a report about the situation;
  • Providing information for people which requested information.

To realise every action and moment of our players, we've included several custom models to not only give your brain the thrill but also your eyes. We've got several custom vehicles, a few modified weapons and we allow every user to use their own visual modifications.

Dispatch and you

Dispatch will be right in your pocket when you need them, this will be an easy way for you to communicate with dispatch and get information rather quick when you're no where near a Mobile Data Computer (MDC). Dispatch can be used for several things, including:

  • Requesting information regardings a person;
  • Gather information about a vehicle;
  • React to callouts;
  • Request backup (towtruck, officers, paramedics, etc).

A list of features

The list is provided "as is" and will be updated frequently if needed.


Numerous callouts to realise the duty of a police officer

Non Player Character

Interact with thousand different NPCs around the game


An officer as well as an NPC can hold items in their bags

Custom models

The script holds a variety of custom vehicles and weapons


Each task you perform grants you experience to increase your rank

Total saves

Each department has it's own save which comes down to 6 saves


Each vehicle has a variety of tools like a MDC, ALPR and several items