[MTA] SAPD:FR Staff Update October 2018.

19 October, 2018 at 06:52 by Anthony[] in Multi Theft Auto
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Hello Members of SAPD:FR, We are going to be implementing a newsletter that will be posted roughly once a month regarding changes/updates within our MTA server. We know a lot of stuff goes on behind the scene and we want to make sure our members are in the loop and are updated.


Updates as of 18/10/2018


Congratualtions to the following Staff members for their promotions.

1) MaXKillS has been moved up to the Administrator role.

2) ThatDudeQuint has been promoted to the Administrator role. He is also the new EU staff supervisor.

3) Anthony[] has been promoted to the Adminstrator role, along with being appoited to the P.R team.



As many of you know Discord is our main source of chat. If you need server support please feel free to join our discord community and ask for help in our #Server_Support channel. Please know that all server rules apply in the Discord as seem fit. 


Our staff hosted events are now back and done on a weekly basis! Every saturday we will host an event that will give you an exceptional amount of exp if you win. We now have more than just one single person running the events. For a long time we had our excellent Administrator Chaossy hosting these events alone. We have now impleted an "Event Organisational Team" that consists of 3 staff members to make sure events are being held with no excuses. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding events please feel free to dm any of our Event Organisers on discord.

Event Organisers:

1) Chaossy

2) Anthony[]

3) Elite16


This concludes the newletter at this time.